De Gruyter Award

The De Gruyter Award, originally donated by ontos publishing as »ontos Award« and now donated by the publisher De Gruyter, is awarded for an outstanding work in the areas of analytic philosophy of mind and ontology/metaphysics, and is endowed with €2,000 and the costs of an open access publication of the e-book. The prize is awarded for works of at least 150 pages (in German or English), which have not yet been published: 

  • The candidate needs to have earned an academic degree at a university that has German as one of its official academic languages or be affiliated with such a university at the time of the nomination or application. 
  • The prize can be awarded to works with a primarily historical focus, insofar as they meet analytic standards and clearly yield systematic insights. 
  • Since 2018, the acceptance of the Wolfgang Stegmüller Award precludes the acceptance of the De Gruyter Award for the same work. 
  • Nominations are to be sent to the GAP with a letter of recommendation of max. 1000 words and a curriculum vitae of the candidate. 
  • Self-applications are permitted. 
  • The manuscripts are submitted electronically (as a pdf). 
  • The candidate attaches a synopsis (3 to 4 pages). 
  • The deadline for submissions is January 31 of the year in which the GAP Congress is held.

The work will be published in the de Gruyter series »Philosophi­sche Analyse / Philosophical Analysis«


At the eleventh international congress 2022 in Berlin, the award went to Yannic Kappes for her work »Empty-Base Explanation«.

Previous award winners are:

  • Romy Jaster: Agents’ Abilities (2018)
  • Christian Loew: Causation and other Asymmetries in Time (2015)
  • Alexander Steinberg: A Chance for Possibility – An Investigation into the Grounds of Modality (2012)
  • Meinard Kuhlmann: In Search for an Ontology for Quantum Field Theory (2009)
  • Markus Schrenk: The Metaphysics of Ceteris Paribus Laws (2006)
  • Jan Westerhoff: An Inquiry into the Notion of an ›Ontological Category‹ (2003)
  • Benjamin Schnieder: Substanzen und (ihre) Eigenschaften. Eine Studie (2003)