Welcome to the website of the German Society for Analytic Philosophy (Gesellschaft für analytische Philosophie e.V., GAP). The GAP is dedicated to promoting and communicating analytic philosophy.

Counting more than 1000 members, the GAP is the second major philosophical association in Germany, alongside the German Society for Philosophy. Most members of the GAP are professional philosophers. However, membership is not restricted to professionals. Anyone wishing to promote analytic philosophy and thus support the statutory goals of the GAP is welcome as a member of the society.

Projects which the society actively promotes include: organisation of conferences, support for young researchers in schools and universities, efforts to further analytic philosophy’s presence in the media, coordination of research projects, supplying information on research and projects in analytic philosophy, advisory services for the funding of research projects, advocacy concerning funding policies vis-à-vis public and private institutions (federal government, federal states, foundations etc.), advocacy for academic freedom in research and teaching, fostering national and international exchanges between analytic philosophers.

Together with the German Society for Philosophy (DGPhil), GAP operates PhilPublica, an initiative for the promotion of public philosophy. More information about PhilPublica here.