Establishment and Aims

Owing to the initiative of Georg Meggle, the society was founded in Berlin at the end of May 1990. Today, it counts more than 1000 members, making it one of the largest philosophical societies in Europe.

The aim of the Society for Analytic Philosophy e.V. (GAP) is to promote and communicate analytic philosophy. To this aim, we encourage the exchange of information, coordinate and advise on research projects, participate in research funding, support young academics and, especially, organise conferences and congresses.

The GAP seeks to be a forum for the exchange of information, in particular for analytic philosophy conducted in the German language, and to foster international philosophical exchange, especially with Eastern Europe. The GAP endeavours to make the great variety of positions in analytic philosophy more visible in the German-speaking world and to deepen scientific exchange.


The GAP’s statute can be found under statutes.

Executive Committee

The general assembly of the members of the GAP, which takes place during the triennial congresses of the society, elects an executive committee comprising a president, a treasurer, a managing director and five vice-presidents with one of the latter also serving as treasurer. The executive committee conducts all businesses of the GAP for the duration of three years.

For information on the current executive committee, please refer to executive committee. The current election regulations can be found here.

Honorary Members

Honorary members of the GAP are Franz von Kutschera (since 1997), Günther Patzig (since 1997), Hans Albert (since 2003), Erhard Scheibe (since 2003), Georg Meggle (since 2006) and Ansgar Beckermann (since 2018). Honorary presidents of the GAP are Wolfgang Stegmüller (since 1990) and Georg Meggle (since 2018).