Membership of the GAP


You can join the GAP by filling out this registration form online.

Change personal data

You can change your personal data by using our online portal.


Anyone who would like to contribute to the promotion of analytic philosophy is welcome as a member.

Members receive the semi-annual newsletter of the GAP, which keeps them informed of events and activities of the society. In addition, members of the GAP have the opportunity to subscribe to the GAP-Info-Mails. Subscribers to the list will receive all news via email that the GAP is asked to distribute.

GAP members sporadically receive e-mails that inform about the activities of the GAP and notable developments in the field of Analytical Philosophy. As a member, you can also subscribe to a weekly newsletter that provides information on current conferences, job advertisements and the like. If you are a GAP-member and wish to subscribe to the GAP-Info-Mails, please send us a message via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Via the Fachinformationsdienst, GAP members have free access to several databases, hundreds of journals and thousands of e-books. More information here (in German).

Membership fees

Membership fees to the GAP are based on the member’s income. There are three categories:

  • Professors or members with comparable income pay an annual fee of 40€.
  • Employees (above 50%) pay an annual fee of 30€.
  • Students and non-employees pay an annual fee of 10€.

According to a resolution passed at a general assembly in 2009, payment of membership fees by SEPA direct debit is mandatory. The reason for this is that alternative payment methods primarily involve additional administrative work that cannot be managed within the voluntary work of the treasurer's office. If you do not pay via direct debit or PayPal, there is an additional administration charge of 10€.