The GAP cooperates with a variety of institutions. 


The GAP cooperates with a number of journals from German-speaking countries in the analytic tradition. For more information visit Journals.

Fachinformationsdienst (FID)

There is a specialist information service (Fachinformationsdienst) for philosophy. GAP members have access to several data bases. For more information visit Fachinformationsdienst.


The GAP cooperates with other philosophical societies. For the list see Organisations.


Together with the DGPhil, GAP hosts the initiative PhilPublica, which serves the promotion of philosophy in the public. For more information about the initiative visit PhilPublica.


The working group "Sustainability" has developed a Best Practices Guide. The recommendations for action are intended to help make the philosophical scientific enterprise more climate-friendly and sustainable. You can find the document here (in German).